Qualified personnel working in school libraries play an important role in supporting literacy development and promoting a love of reading. Improving literacy outcomes of young learners is a key focus area for school library programs and practices.

‘Research suggests that the presence of libraries and qualified librarians in school can exert a positive effect on young people’s literacy learning, with the promotion of reading attitudes and frequency part of the core role of the librarian in schools’ (Merga, 2019).

Focus of the conference

The conference will focus on four major streams: 

  • The Power of Reading

    • This stream will set the scene by emphasising the importance of reading within a school community to build and enhance positive literacy outcomes, led by qualified school library staff.

  • Building a Diverse Collection

    • This stream will explore how library staff might address a range of collection challenges, including gender identity, indigenous perspectives, open access resources, curating resources into the collection, genrefication, joint use facilities, blended collections.

  • The Power of Evidence

    • This stream will address the importance of evidence-based practice together with the how and why school library personnel can be proactive practitioners in this area.

  • Reading is the New Black

    • This will be an opportunity to showcase the impact of school library programs to support literacy development and the love of reading, and the role of school library personnel as leaders.


This two day event will provide participants with ideas and strategies to put into practice within their school community.

Merga, M.K. (2019). How do librarians in schools support struggling readers? English in Education, 53:2, 145-160.

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