New technologies and understandings can only be developed when students begin to ask questions about “why” or “how.” A collaborative classroom encourages innovation by pushing students to work with others who may be different from them, either in their beliefs, behaviour, or background.

An innovative classroom will possess several key traits, including:

  1. Reflection

  2. Constant learning

  3. Creativity

  4. Connection

  5. Principles and routines

  6. Problem-finding

  7. Collaboration

  8. Variation

  9. Goal setting

  10. Opportunities for revision

These ten characteristics are important in establishing an innovative classroom. Although they don’t necessarily always come naturally, it is important for teachers to be aware of them and to incorporate an action to help develop each characteristic on a daily basis.

Whether you are looking to innovate at a whole school level or within the individual learning space, this Conference will aim to drive innovative and collaborative practice in any learning environment.

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