Leaders, teachers and educators are currently working in a technology rich environment where devices and tools are a plenty. The dilemma for these educators is to ensure that effective pedagogical practices occur where the digital tools are used to enhance and support student learning opportunities and outcomes.

For leaders it requires a systems thinking approach where the big picture of pedagogy is the paramount focus and the digital tools are the enhancers of the pedagogy. With this big picture in mind, leaders can target resources (human, physical, time and money) to ensure that teachers are enabled to develop their digital pedagogical practices effectively and support these teachers to lead the digital pedagogical revolution in their sites.

For teachers it requires a change in thinking in that the digital tools are the enhancer for learning and support the best pedagogical practices in class. Teachers require time, professional learning, collaboration with peers and engagement with the digital technologies at their site in order to implement and habit form effective digital pedagogies.

The Digital Pedagogy Leadership Conference will provide a platform for Leaders, Teachers and Educators to come together to share, discuss and develop their Digital Technology plans moving forward.


The Conference will focus on three major themes current or developing:

  • Advancing Cultures of Innovation

  • Improving Digital Fluency

  • Blended Learning Designs

Some important developments in educational technology that will be featured:

  • Mobile Learning

  • Analytics Technologies

  • Mixed Reality

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Blockchain

  • Virtual Assistants

Some of the Challenges and Hurdles we will tackle:

  • Scaling and sustaining innovation

  • Digital equity

  • The gap between technology and pedagogy

  • Ongoing professional development

  • Technology and the future of work


Come along to this two day event and take away a whole raft of ideas to move your school forward.

This Conference will not only support leaders to define a clear system focus for their site but also provide a rich learning environment for leaders to engage in practical effective digital pedagogies. For teachers it will provide an opportunity to see and hear about effective digital pedagogies and the way in which digital tools enhance the learning for students alike.

If you would like to submit a submission to speak at the Digital Pedagogy Conference, please complete our online form here.

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