The creativity theme aims to promote imaginative and critical thinking within teaching and learning programs.

It is necessary, as teachers to redefine what we think creativity means and to embed it in the very heart of educational practice regardless of the curriculum area. It drives us to connect with who we are as human beings and how we make sense of the world but more so than ever before, it empowers our students in the here and now, to respond as creative thinkers to the multiple challenges that belonging to a Global Community in the 21st C brings.

These sessions will aim to focus on developing a mindset, skills and strategies for nurturing learning communities with creativity at their heart.

These sessions will cover the 'how to' of building creative communities of practice, discuss the urgency using stories from the kids we are working with every day and provoke change with questions such as 'What if we build every lesson from an attitude of playfulness and creativity?'

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