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The Institute of Positive Education (IPE) is a ground-breaking initiative by Geelong Grammar School, the first school to embed the principles of Positive Psychology into all aspects of school life.

The IPE’s primary role is to deliver transformational educational programmes to promote wellbeing throughout the world. The IPE aims to teach students valuable life skills on which they can increase their learning capacity and build a successful and happy life.

This one day Conference will explore “The Science of Achievement”. When you think back to all the students you have taught – there are some who just stand out as being exceptional, brilliant. There are also a whole group of others who enjoyed great success and superior achievement in your classroom. What is it about these students that made them so successful? Do they actually have a ‘gift’ that others don’t have? For decades, the fields of education and psychology have debated the concept of giftedness and argued about what ‘talent’ is and even whether it actually exists. But in the last few years, a powerful and surprising story has begun to emerge from the scientific research. The highest achieving students in each of our schools are ‘gifted’ – but not in the way we might have first thought.

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One Day - $386.50
(including GST)


5 Professional Development Hours

Friday 30th August



Speakers: Justin Robinson, Director & David Bott, Associate Director will speak at all three sessions

Justin Robinson

Justin Robinson

David Bott

David Bott

Fostering a Growth Mindset


The beliefs students hold about their ability to learn significantly affects their development and underpins their learning trajectory.

In this session, delegates will:

  • explore the latest findings relating to mindset theory and examples of applications from schools around the world

  • consider the role of schools and teachers in fostering a growth mindset

  • discuss examples of how integration of mindset skills can enhance pedagogy



session 2


Getting Gritty


A growth mindset alone is not enough to ensure powerful learning. This session explores the impact that grit, passion and perseverance, has on long term goal attainment.

In this session, delegates will:

  • explore the different components of grit

  • consider the ‘shadow-side’ of grit

  • discuss how grit can brought to life in schools via ‘deliberate practice’



session 3


Enabling Hope


A growth mindset and gritty approach does not protect students from failure. The science of hope describes how the most resilient students are able to see a will and a way even when faced with significant challenge.

In this session, delegates will:

  • explore the science of hope theory

  • consider the impact of hope on motivation and learning

  • discuss ways to foster hope in all students