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The conference will open with Paul Hamilton, Head of Learning Technologies in the Primary School at Matthew Flinders Anglican College presenting a keynote; Brave, Connected and Unplugged. On day two the keynote will be delivered by Alfina Jackson known to many as “The Geeky Aus Teacher”, a Google Certified Innovator and self-declared Geek. Her keynote title is; Maker spaces as spaces to grow, tinker and innovate. Throughout the two days, hands-on workshops will be presented by some of the leading teachers in Queensland around the themes; Digital Presentations, Makerspace, Cloud Computing, Flexible Learning Spaces and Developing content creators.

This conference offers skills based sessions for classroom practitioners, so come prepared to roll up your sleeves to learn new transferable skills. Contemporary teachers use technology as a powerful tool to lift the learning in their classrooms to even greater heights.

The conference will focus on the five most significant Educational Technologies trends for schools over the next 5 years according to the Australian Education Technologies Trends 2018 report (produced by ACCE). These are:

  1. Digital Presentations

  2. Maker Spaces

  3. Cloud Computing

  4. Flexible Learning Spaces

  5. Learning Management Systems


This conference is best suited to innovative classroom teachers, pre-service teachers, teacher librarians, ICT coordinators, mentors and those on the executive wanting to understand the possibilities for their school. 


This conference addresses the following Australian Professional Standards for Teachers:

2.1.2 – Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area (ICT)
2.6.2 – Information and communication technology (ICT)
3.3.2 – Use teaching strategies
3.4.2 – Select and use resources
4.5.2 – Use ICT safely, responsibly and ethically
6.2.2 – Engage in professional learning and improve practice
6.3.2 – Engage with colleagues and improve practice


Tickets can be purchase for 1 or 2 days.
Prices inc GST.

(ends 31 March 2019)
1 day - $325
2 days - $622

1 day - $369
2 days - $655

day 1: Friday 31 May 2019


Session 1:

 Paul Hamilton

Paul Hamilton

9:00am – 10:30am

Keynote Address: Brave, Connected and Unplugged (Paul Hamilton) – P3 and P4 combined

Speaker: Paul Hamilton, Head of Learning Technologies - Primary School,Matthew Flinders Anglican College.

Session overview:
How does a school community build a culture of ‘learning with technology’? How, do we as teachers, foster within our students, a ‘solutions-focused’ mindset, and allow students to explore and discover the limitless possibilities technology offers?

In this Keynote Address, Paul Hamilton shares his experience as Head of Learning Technologies in a Primary School setting, of the journey towards a shared vision, and the inevitable hurdles that present themselves along the way.

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