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lois smethurst

Lois Smethurst, the Director of Learning and Teaching at St. Pauls Anglican Grammar Junior School has previously been a Leading Teacher for innovation in ICT, in Primary Schools, for more than 20 years.

She is passionate about digital technology, winning a state and regional award for Innovation In ICT for her use of multimedia in student learning. She has completed additional study in the area, including a Masters of Education in Information Technology and a Masters in Special Education where her technology skills are invaluable to students with language learning difficulties.

Her current role is designing and implementing programs for students with special and indiviual needs, including those with language difficulties and those that are highly capable.

She has many years of experience in using digital technology and ICT to extend the learning of gifted and highly able students. Her students are always part of unique programs where they then become the ICT mentors in the school.

Lois will present at the Digital Classroom Conference in Melbourne.