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Senior Facilitator and Executive Coach

Kirk works with individuals and teams to develop greater attention in the workplace. He has worked to improve performance, organisational engagement and well-being with leaders around Australia, the Asia-Pacific region and the US. His clients have come from all areas, including government, industry, healthcare and education. Kirk currently teaches attention development for workplaces in his own consultancy, and also holds positions as an associate of NESLI, ASAM, and as a learning and teaching project officer at Charles Sturt University.

Kirk has a background in education and finding new ways for people to learn. Kirk held executive and leadership positions as Head of School with the Australian School of Applied Management (ASAM) and the National Excellence in Schools Leadership Initiative (NESLI.) Kirk led the development of a highly-talented, international faculty through their formative years, and the development of foundational programs.

Earlier still in his career, Kirk founded two successful alternative schools. Founded on the principles of curiousity and student empowerment, these schools continue to serve students to this day in San Francisco and Melbourne. Directing these schools, Kirk developed a passion for understanding how people pay attention, learn and work with engagement.

Kirk has deep experience in human development and mindfulness. After he left teaching, Kirk studied leadership, coaching, and organisational psychology. He has a master’s degree in education and human development, a Diploma of Business, Diploma of Business Human Resources and a Bachelor of Music. Kirk is qualified in the Human Synergistics assessment tools, IECL coaching, and has trained in Adaptive Leadership. Finally, Kirk is also a formally trained Zen teacher in a traditional line of Buddhism. He works with students in Melbourne, Hobart and NSW.

Audiences comment on his authenticity, humour and researched-based presentations. Many of his stories come from his ‘misspent youth’ as a classical and jazz musician. He lives with his family in Melbourne, Australia.

Kirk will present at the Transforming Australian Schools Conference.