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daphne cohen

Daphne Cohen is the Manager of Digital Practice (ICT across the curriculum) within the Learning, Teaching and Pathways Division of the Department of Education and Training, Victoria.

Daphne has worked for the Department of Education and Training for the past 14 years, as a policy advisor, instructional designer and strategist with a focus on maximising the opportunities that technologies afford learners.

She holds a PhD in Science and two Masters degrees in Teaching and in Educational Leadership, and has taught in both primary and secondary school settings.

Daphne is focused on supporting school leaders and teachers to employ a more student-centred approach to teaching by leveraging technologies in every classroom in a targeted and impactful way. 

Daphne strongly believes that technologies have the potential to improve student agency, metacognition, personalisation, thinking and creativity, collaboration, choice, self-efficacy and authenticity of learning programs when used appropriately.

Daphne was the Australian measure’s lead for the global New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL) project from 2014-2017 working alongside educational experts Michael Fullan and Professor Bill Lucas, and guiding 80 Victorian schools to embed technologies (ICT) and the curriculum capabilities within their learning programs.

Daphne has most recently presented professional learning sessions to Victorian teachers and school leaders on:

  • Effective learning design and assessing their impact

  • Improving questioning in the classroom

  • Refining professional judgments through assessment moderations

  • Embedding the critical and creative thinking  and ethical capabilities in every classroom

  • Using technologies with purpose in every classroom

  • School approaches to implementing and assessing the Victorian curriculum capabilities