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Capacity Building School Libraries conference

This two-day conference will be emceed by Karen Bonanno, Global Genius Educator/Leader, Genius School.

In ‘Learning and literacy for the future: Building capacity. Part Two’, June Wall and Karen Bonanno state, ‘As new learning skills emerge it is necessary for education systems to respond to make sure teachers have sufficient capacity to develop learning programs that will provide the opportunity for students to develop these new learning skills.’

In simple terms, capacity building can be described as a sustainable process of equipping teachers with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them to cope with change and achieve the desired educational outcomes.

For our students to be successful in an increasingly global and connected society there is an ongoing need to provide relevant and future focused professional learning that helps to build capacity in teachers so they can actively engage students in new learning skills.

Highly experienced, well recognised presenters will share their expertise with the delegates. Just a few of the presenters including:

  • Dr Marcia Mardis

  • Dr Kay Oddone

  • Lori Korodaj

  • Nelia Manansala

  • Jackie Child

  • Holly Godfree

  • Helen Stower

  • Megan Daley


Tickets can be purchased for an individual stream (half day), one or two days.
Each stream includes morning or afternoon tea.  Full day session also includes lunch.
Prices inc GST.

(ends 31 March 2019)
One Stream – $108
Full Day (2 Streams) – $275
Two Days (All Streams) – $550

One Stream – $130
Full Day (2 Streams) – $319
Two Days (All Streams) – $638 

At the Capacity Building School Libraries Conference we will focus on four major themes:

  1. Addressing professional standards

  2. Creating engaging spaces

  3. Designing learning experiences

  4. Collaborating with parents

Target Audience

This conference is best suited to innovative classroom teachers, teacher librarians and those on the executive looking to build capacity at a school level or within the individual classroom. 

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

This conference addresses the following Australian Professional Standards for Teachers:

1.2 – Understand how students learn
1.5 – Differentiate teaching to meet the specific learning needs of students across the full range of abilities
2.1 – Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area
2.5 – Literacy and numeracy strategies
2.6 – Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
3.1 – Establish challenging learning goals
3.3 – Use teaching strategies
3.4 – Select and use resources
3.7 – Engage parents/carers in the educative process
4.5 – Use ICT safely, responsibly and ethically
6.2 – Engage in professional learning and improve practice



Stream 1:

9.00am to 1.00pm

Speaker: TBA

Addressing professional standards


Stream 2:

12.00pm to 3.45pm

Speaker: TBA

Creating engaging spaces


Stream 3:

9.00am to 1.00pm

Speaker: TBA

Designing learning experiences


Stream 4: 3.00pm - 3.45pm

Speaker TBA

Collaborating with parents