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Teaching Adolescent Girls Conference

Saturday 2 September
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre




Join a cross section of health professionals, specialist educators, academics & principals as they explore how teen girls can find success in today’s co-educational school environment and how schools can teach, build and promote resilience in students.

Success for Teen Girls in a Co-educational environment – Teaching and building resilience

“Young people may only be 17% of the population, but they are 100% of the future.” Dr Michael Carr-Gregg

Learn more about the impact of growing up in a digital age and how technology can infact assist in building resilience and wellbeing.

An impressive line-up of speakers and panelists will provide you with:

  • Key findings from resilience research, brain science, positive education and positive psychology
  • Strategies to manage anxiety in teen girls and in turn build resilience
  • Strategies to maximise effective use of technology in teaching and personal lives to create positive wellbeing for teens, their teachers and families
  • How positive frameworks are created for girls in a co-ed environment and what resources and support are given to girls and teaching staff at schools




Full Registration – $300
Group bookings are available & all prices are inclusive of GST





8:00am – 9:00am

Welcome to conference, welcome to country & conference opening
9:00am – 9:05am

How we can use technology to build resilience in young women
9:05am – 10:05am
Dr Michael Carr Gregg, Leading Australian Child Psychologist

This presentation will give participants an update on the latest statistics on young women’s mental health and argues that mainstream approaches don’t seem to be effective in reducing the rates of anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide. Given the fact that young people check their mobile phones 56 times a day, Michael argues that we need to incorporate technology in to the wellbeing equation. Using a case study of a 16 year old girl he illustrates how technology can build resilience and wellbeing.

Emotions in co-ed learning: Importance, Struggles and Understanding
10:05am – 11:05am
Dr Jared Cooney Horvath, Science Of Learning Research Scientist / Lecturer (The Science Learning Group & The University of Melbourne)

We know emotions play an integral role in learning. We also know that emotions during the adolescent years can be somewhat heightened and unpredictable. During this session, we’ll explore the emotional development of girls through adolescence, consider how a co-ed environment impacts this development, and examine what impact this has on general learning and behaviour. Finally, we will look at several methods we can employ to help teen girls recognize, understand, and influence their emotional responses.

Morning Tea
am – 11:30pm

School panel Q&A – Creating the foundation
11:30am – 12:30pm

Morag Howard, Head of Senior School (Wesley College) Kate Fogarty, Principal (Assumption College Kilmore) Pitsa Binnion, Principal (McKinnon Secondary College)

Hear from a range of Co-ed school representatives in a Q&A panel forum as they discuss their schools approach to girls learning in a co-ed environment, how they create a positive framework for girls in a co-ed environment and what resources and support are given to their girls and teaching staff at their schools. A mix of metro, country, public & private schools will be represented.

Teenagers in digital age, online presence for future pathways
12:30pm – 1:15pm

Kathryn Taylor, Director of Turning Point Consulting (Centre of Excellence: Leadership, Change & Wellbeing Services) (ACPi Pty Ltd).

Technology has changed our approach to self-concept through to career search. Teens technological knowledge and online activities both help and hinder their capacity to seek and maintain employment. As purpose is so essential to a positive wellbeing, Kathryn will share how technology use aligns to positive self-concept and how employers are utilising technology to capture teens in their marketing strategies and employment drives. In this session Kathryn will share positive and negative impacts of technology on teenagers with regard to employability, reflecting on the common choices and responses of both girls and boys. She will provide strategies to maximise effective use of technology in building a positive sense of self and in creating meaning in education and reaching potential.

1:15pm – 1:4

Girls with Asperger’s: How they can be camouflaged in the school environment and how their anxiety presents
1:45pm – 2:30pm

Sally Rigley, Psychologist (The ASD Clinic)

A psychologist with a special interest in the unique attributes of girls and women with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Sally Rigley will explore how girls with Asperger’s are camouflaged within the school environment and hence, either go diagnose or are not provided with strategies to assist them as they “mask” their anxiety and difficulties. She will explain how anxiety presents for girls on the spectrum and how this affects their language processing and sensory filtering. Anxiety can be shown through anger, control, withdrawal and sadness rather than typical anxiety symptoms and can be contained at school or lead to meltdowns.

Overcoming adversity & difference 
2:30pm – 3:15pm

Elle Steele, Director, Create Believe Achieve 

An ex- Paralympian, Elle Steele will discuss issues around overcoming adversity and difference in a world that wants so much of us to be the same. As a woman with a disability, hear Elle talk about her experience with interaction of children in co-educational schools, overcoming depression, lack of self-acceptance and how she believe it’s paramount to teach young women how to stand up for themselves as well as help each other rise up, instead of trying to tear each other down.

Conference Close
3:15pm – 3:30pm

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