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Katie Koullas

Katie is the parent of two young girls living with ASD & Founder, Yellow LadyBugs. Katie believes in “being the change you want to see in the world – Ghandi” and decided there was a very strong need to change the current support for Autistic girls (Aspergers).

Katie has a strong background in Marketing, Event Management and Branding and currently teaches Event Management.

Katie is a busy mum to two children, with her daughter, Mia, inspiring the creation of Yellow Ladybugs, after her diagnosis of Aspergers.

Katie recently spoke at the AMAZE conference about girls and Autism and won the AMAZE 2016 Emerging Leader award, which recognises the contribution and benefit she has made through Yellow Ladybugs to people on the Autism spectrum and the wider community.

Katie is passionate about consulting with a variety of stakeholders about girls and Autism including the Department of Education and other industry leaders.

Donations to her business are now tax deductible so instead of payment this would be her preference.

To contact Katie please email or mobile 0401 033 187

Katie will be speaking at the Autism in Every Classroom Conference.

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