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Elle Steele

Elle is an award-winning sportswoman and experienced guidance coach and motivational speaker. During a 13-year swimming career, Elle represented Australia internationally and was captain of a number of Australian swimming teams. During her career, she represented Australia at the 2000 Paralympics and held a Victorian Institute of Sport scholarship for eight years. After swimming Elle took up wheelchair rugby and was the only woman to be selected to play for Victoria at a national level.

Elle’s ability to play sport at the highest level was overwhelmed by constant injury associated with her physical limitations, however, she always maintained a passion and determination to achieve her goals, despite those goals changing as her physical capability diminished.

Elle’s life motto Create, Believe, Achieve demonstrates to individuals that they can unlock their potential, showing them that they can achieve their dreams if they truly believe in themselves and understand their capabilities.

Elle is extremely passionate about helping people with disabilities to see the light in themselves, so works closely with Rhiannon Tracey, Founder of the Next Step Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Centre.

Elle also specialises in working with women who want to build resilience in their lives, whether it’s in their career, family life or overall daily lives.

Elle has worked with organisations such as ANZ within their change management, customer experience and disability awareness departments. Elle is enthusiastic about enhancing staff engagement and using positive communication techniques for restructuring changes within organisations when communicating to staff. Elle is an expert in customer experience initiatives and is extremely passionate about women being valued within their organisations.

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